Al is an innovator who has a passion for creating inventions that are practical and unique. His family emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1865 and he is 4th generation Italian heritage. While helping his Father through some health issues, Al had the idea to create champagne and views it as a family legacy. He started Sparkling Sensations in 2002. Al is continuing to innovate and bring new ideas to the company that he hopes will allow you to enjoy the gift of wonderful champagne.

Culum is an aspiring technological entrepreneur, with a vision to be a part of something exciting and innovative since he was very young. Culum has interests in design and technology and wants to continue to create new business ventures. He met Al in 2006 and was introduced to this proprietary technology of making wonderful bubbly from any wine. In his free time, he enjoying biking and being with his wife and friends. Culum leads all sales and operational aspects of the business.

Sanjay is an accomplished pharmaceutical executive and entrepreneur. Sanjay was VP at Johnson & Johnson until 2010, after which he decided to pursue an entrepreneurial path, working as SVP/ COO of a regenerative medicine start-up and currently as President & CEO of an emerging company in aesthetic medicine. Sanjay enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids and has been a wine and champagne aficionado for many years. He is leading the effort to bring this innovative kit to champagne lovers everywhere.

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